C02 Prague / Praha Chech Republic Photoset

Tamas Erdodi
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Be inspired by one the most beautiful cities in Europe!

450+ High Quality Photo references for designers, concept artists, matte painters and illustrators.

C02 Prague Photoset includes different buildings, streets and vehicles from early morning till the end of day so you can see the night lights too. 

Photos are taken during 2 days trip, so you can see what you can see in real life during this short period. 

Total size is 2,2 GB 

The photos are organized into 6 zip files, the thumbnails are made from those if you are searching for a specific one you can easily find it.

Most of the images are in High Resolution: 5472 x 3648 pixel 

Some of them are edited for texturing purposes, these could be helpful for instant usage!

For more please visit: www.tamaserdodi.com


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C02 Prague / Praha Chech Republic Photoset

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